About Us

We provide software development and R&D services to our customers, in various industry domains.

Xinthe Technologies is a niche and innovative technology product engineering firm. Xinthe was founded and managed by Engineers. We are in business and servicing global clients for over 20 years. Quality focused

We have global presence in India, USA and Middle East with multiple development centers and sales offices across the Globe. Our technology highlights include, Microsoft Technology Stack, Cloud development, Retail Customer Marketing, In-store Navigation, WiFi, iBeacons utilizing Patentable Algorithms.


Software Development

We undertake the software development as a passion to meet the business objectives with the motto of "Absolute Customer Satisfaction." We are quick to grasp the uniqueness of each of our clients and focus meticulously on the project challenges verses customer critical needs.


Our consulting practices offer functional expertise and industry knowledge with global reach. Our objective is to help and nurture client's growth and create value. We refine our skills and expertise to be specific to various customer needs, so that we can stay relevant to the business issues of our customers.


We offer wide range of software testing and quality assurance services to complement our software service offierings. We deliver automated test scripts Web and Desktop application for seamless regression testing. We work and act as business users, while bringing structured approach to testing.

Product Development

Product development is in our DNA. Our determination on software engineering helps our clients in cost optimization and abridge new product time-to-market while ensuring progressive quality, advanced features in every release and greater innovations.

Application Migration

With rapid changes and innovations in technology, the need of the hour is to constantly update old and obsolete systems. Migration is a specialized process and requires the services of experts


Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. It helps to identify and target your best customers, generate quality sales leads, plan and implement marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives.


Spatial analysis allows you to gain deep insights about your company, customers and competitors. By mining your data for spatial elements related to travel, time and distance, you can uncover trends, patterns and relationships that aren’t obvious in databases and spreadsheets. Without spatial analysis—highly detailed location-based information showing where customers live, work, drive, shop, recreate and more—your company may never reach the full potential of its data. We have worked on two applications in this regard and they are: 1) ShopSlick 2) RetailSlick

MyAlertX is a consolidated Alerting Engine that scans multiple monitoring systems real-time, and sends Alerts to the relevant Support Engineer via in App notification, Text or email.

Support Engineers need not constantly browse monitoring systems anymore. MyAlertX does all the hard work and Support Engineers are notified only with tickets that are assigned to them.

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XACTAI™ injects IoT/AI enabled Sensing Layer into the environment to make it smarter. Our sensors frequently capture Bluetooth signals from the BLE Tags nearby and send it to XACTAI TM servers on the cloud. Our servers on the cloud process these signals using proprietary and patent-pending algorithms utilizing Big Data techniques and compute the spatial (location) and temporal (duration) characteristics of all the sensed devices (Tags) in near real time and store it in our database.

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Oil & Gas


Ground Transportation












Why Xinthe

93% Of Our Customers Stay With Us Because, We Are

We are Agile and Nimble.

We are a flat organization with quick decision making. Senior management is easily accessible to the clients throughout the engagement.

We adhere to or exceed Industry Benchmarks in Software Performance and Quality.

With our expertise in technology and understanding of our customer’s business we deliver solutions sooner, which are better and cost less than our competitors.

We endeavor to constantly improve our solutions thereby adding increasing value to our customers.

Customers and Vendors find us easy to do business with as we are fair, ethical and flexible.

We have consistently delivered software systems of the highest quality year after year across the Globe and across multiple Industries.

"Consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering enterprise software solutions that function as defined, robust, affordable and of the highest quality"

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